Safe Sleep Information

Safe Crib Requests

The Great Start Safe Sleep Initiative may be able to help.  The Initiative provides a Safe Sleep Kit for eligible families that includes:

A portable crib (Pack-n-Play)
A Halo Sleep Sack
2 fitted sheets
Safe Sleep Training

To qualify for a Safe Sleep Kit, you must meet these guidelines:

Your family income is less than 200% of poverty (for a family of 4 this is approximately $46,000.
You have exhausted all other means of getting a crib (DHS, family members, church home).
Your baby is under 12 months of age.
You live within the boundaries of Van Buren Intermediate School District.

This is a project of the Great Start Collaborative and Early On of Van Buren County

Safe Sleep Steps

Information taken from Tomorrow’s Child Brochure

Baby sleeps by him or herself in a crib, portable crib or bassinet
Always put baby to sleep on his or her back even when he can roll over.
Nothing in sleep area.  No pillows, blankets, comforters, stuffed animals or other soft things.
Keep baby’s face uncovered during sleep for easy breathing.  Use a sleeper instead of a blanket.
Don’t allow anyone to smoke anything around baby.
Don’t overheat the baby.  Dress the baby in as much or as little clothing as you are wearing.
Use a firm mattress with a tightly fitted sheet.

Make sure whoever takes care of your baby has a crib or portable crib for your baby to sleep.  Talk to grandparents, babysitters, child care, neighbors and anyone who cares for your baby about the safest way for your baby to sleep.